Family Law & Mediation

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Family Law & Mediation

In today’s world, divorce is commonplace. However, it does not have to be bitter and aggressive. There are many options available to reach compromise and divorce peacefully.

Our office utilizes mediation as a way to reach a peaceful divorce. Mediation is a peaceful process through which parties reach a solution to their conflict at a neutral location with the help of a third party (mediator) neutral and without the need for litigation. This type of alternative dispute resolution procedure has proven to be very beneficial to parties seeking a divorce.

Simply put, an uncontested divorce is one where the parties are not contesting any matters and are in agreement with all terms related to the divorce. Once the parties are in agreement with all important matters related to the divorce, then it can be finalized. Our office can help you navigate through this process and reach a resolution to your divorce in an efficient and professional manner.

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